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Frequently Asked Questions

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The following information and procedures should help to answer most questions. If you require more information, please check the website, forums, or contact us at race-league [at] bellsouth [dot] net

NASCAR Racing League FAQ
What is the NRL?

The NRL is the NASCAR Racing League. We are a group of Trackmania drivers that enjoy NASCAR racing.

Who can join?

Any player that has the TM UNITED version may join.

I already belong to a team

We are a league of drivers. While some belong to teams or clans, others do not. The only commitment you make is to spend a little time with us.

When do you race?

We follow the NASCAR racing schedule, with the exception that all races are on Sundays at 18:30 server time. The server time is current with the Central European Time, which is 6:30 PM.
In the USA, it is 12:30 PM, EST.

Where do we race?

The NRL has its own server for races and events. The server is located in France, along with our other servers, Nascar Racing League and the Nascar Racing Team-80K. If you search ALL servers and type either event or nascar, you should be able to find it. The server NASCAR RACING EVENTS is password locked at ALL TIMES.

How many races are there?

We run the full NASCAR Sprint schedule, which includes 28 Regular season races, 10 races for the chase, and 1 winner’s race at the end of the season. The schedule will be posted on the website.

How long are the races?

Most tracks run 50 laps, which equals about 20 minutes of racing. Races with longer laps are added towards the end of the season. Tracks with longer lap times may run fewer laps, while shorter tracks may run longer. The schedule at the website, or the race calendar at the forums will indicate the laps.

What if I can’t make all of the races?

While all drivers are encouraged to join us every Sunday for about 1 hour, most drivers may need to skip a race or 2 for other obligations.

What do I win?

Each race awards points as well as coppers. Each race awards 3,100 coppers, distributed to the top 10 drivers. The race coppers are available based on the contributions we receive. While it is not mandatory to make regular contributions of coppers to the server, the amount we receive goes into the amount you can win. Not only do we race for competition, but we also race to share some time with others in the League. Points are accumulated until the end of the season. The Top 5 drivers are eligible to receive coppers, a racing trophy, cash or a combination. NRL 2010 season prizes depend on the number of participants, and will be announced on the website.

Where can I get more information?

Visit our Trackmania Nascar Website: http://www.tm-nascar.com
Click LEAGUE to gain access to the NRL
Visit our forums

NASCAR Racing League Procedures
Race Procedure
  1. All members will receive an email with the race information and a password to join on the Sunday of the race. The email will be sent 2.5 hours prior to the race, which is 16:00 Server and European time, or 10:00 AM USA EST.
  2. All drivers are expected to join the server between 18:00 and 18:30 server time for warm up and practice. DO NOT give the password to any other players, friends or NRL drivers! It is your own responsibility to acquire the password. Anyone who enters the server without authorization will be banned. Any NRL driver that gives out the password will also be banned.
  3. For any race or event that includes a PIT STOP, RESPAWN will be DISABLED.
  4. Prior to the race, last weeks winners will be announced and paid.
  5. BEFORE 18:30 server time, will be run a short practice race of todays track. It is beneficial to be familiar with the track in order to provide a good finish.
  6. At 18:30 Server Time, the password will be changed and the server will be LOCKED. Any drivers that leave the server, or attempt to join after 18:30 will NOT gain access. This is to protect drivers from lag spikes, which can occur when other players join the server.
  7. If during the race you must leave, please briefly announce your message and proceed. Please do not SPAM the chat during the race.
  8. At the end of the race, screenshots will be taken to determine scoring and coppers.
  9. During the week after the race, the website will be updated with player scores and announcement of the top drivers for that race.
  10. PRIOR to the start of the next Sunday race, coppers will be awarded to the Top 10 drivers from the previous race. This makes it important to attend. It also helps to resolve disputes, which has happened in the past. If you unable to attend the next weeks race, you will be awarded your coppers on the next race in which you participate.
  11. Feel free to visit the Nascar Racing League website or forums to check driver statistics, or information on the next race.

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