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I've got a request for some help with creating a server plugin for Xaseco if possible. I put a suggestion forward about awarding tags for certain levels of wins in TMUF.

We are aware another team already does this on their server (two actually who share the code between them) but they are unwilling to share the plugin or help in any way at all unfortunately.

I know a few of you from the NASCAR community have experience with creating plugins and wondered if you would be up for helping.

Alien is willing to send some coppers to anyone who can assist and of course the code would be opensource for all to use rather refused point blank.

If you can help please let me know.

The backend database isn't an issue, it is just coding the plugin to access it.

Triggers would be number of wins, e.g. tag 1=1000 wins, tag 2=2500, tag 3=5000 and tag 4=10000

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