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NRT Ranig
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Copy-pasta from a message on the FaZ discord channel

Welcome to the PrimeTimeCup 2020!

The PTC is back! Mostly a year is over, we are back with some Nascar Action in TMNF!
As always we want to invite all players to our nascar competition, you are free to join our qualification server (find information below). You can find all information on the discord, also if you have any suggestions, wishes, criticism or other things you can contact us.

All information in short form:
- Platform: TMNF
- Style: Nascar
- Registration: not needed, just join the qualification server, please download the Discord Client for those who don't have it yet, it will be needed later for arrangements.

- Qualification: 4 new maps, drive as fast as possible, only the best 32 players will qualify to the main event (Total ranks will be determined by all 4 map times (not server rank!), ranking decides about the seeding)

- Join server: tmtp://#join=ptc1

- Qualification period: 30th August (20.15 CEST) – 6th September (20.15 CEST)

During the qualification period we update our discord permanently with new information about the qualification standings, the next matches, mappacks or other things that we and you will need during the tournament!

IMPORTANT: With joining the qualification server, you accept our #????rulebook. So read it carefully! If you have questions, please ask us in the #????event-support channel!

Kind regards

The PTC Admin Team

For the PTC 2020 we will need maps again! So mappers, you are welcome to send us your maps!
We need around 30 maps in total, so we count on you!

Restrictions for the maps:

- Nascar Style (mostly streets, but it can contain also platforms, wallrides, loops, etc... )
- Round duration from 60 to 100 seconds, counted on 2 or 3 laps!
- new tracks, only mapper knows
- no cuts, set enough Checkpoints
- no lucky boosters
- try to build a "hp" for the checkpoints to gain speed after a respawn (not necessary, but desirable)
- map name: $i$s$xxxρ$fffт$xxx¢20» YourMapNamewithyourColorsHere (understand $xxx as a color of your choice for the tag).

Please send the maps in Discord to: @Happy

He will look at the maps, gives you feedback if necessary.

Deadline is the 23th of August, 23.59 CEST!

Have a lots of fun building maps and thank you for supporting this cup!

The PTC Admin Team

There are signs available on Discord for thsoe interested

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NRT Mr Spock
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next pro event^^ Wink 32 best drivers. if i remember the past events i know who are those 32 top (pro) drivers and at the end are always same drivers on top . so no chance for a balanced race! that's just my opinion

NRT AntiKytherA
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That's one event I've never

That's one event I've never really bothered with as I don't really have the time or inclination to join all NASCAR events that crop up. Nothing personal against Faz or Happy Wink

I don't mind competing in Team based events for NRT and competing alongside you guys but individual comps aren't really my cup of tea. So if you need a team for something, give me a shout if I miss it on here.


NASCAR Racing League Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TMNRL

NRT Ranig
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It is very high level, I

It is very high level, I personally will try to qualify but I'm 100% sure I won't make it ^^

I will make some maps though, making maps is fun Tongue

There is no dark side of the moon. Matter of facts, it's all dark.

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