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Hey mates !

As you probably know, TrackMania is 10 Years Old !
To celebrate this anniversary, Nadeo is planning on some events all over the world, with big prizes etc etc.

But that's not the point here.
Because, from now on you are able to download the demo version of all three TrackMania² Games !
So if you wanna try Stadium, Canyon or Valley there is only one link to follow:


Have fun Wink


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Nice , pity it's not open

Nice , pity it's not open to all servers Drooling

M Party

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Hello all, who have still not

Hello all,
who have still not Stadium2,
times the steam page look at. Smile


There's still the ManiaPlanet racing games for 50% cheaper.
for example - TrackMania2 Stadium €4,99

AUTUMN SALE! Offer ends on December 3

Herby Cool

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-Demo versions of Stadium² ,

-Demo versions of Stadium² , Canyon and Valley =
-50% on Stadium²(5e), Canyon(10e) and Valley(10e)
-Package All Trackmania² Titles ( Stadium² , Canyon and Valley ) 60%
Package All Trackmania² Titles + United 66%

You can also can buy Package 3xStadium² (13e) or 5xStadium² (20e)

Choices are here Smile

M Party

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ManiaPlanet Channels

Just an update on this 7 year old thread (I know, major necro post), you can play all ManiaPlanet titles for free in Channels now for 1 or 2 hours per day. It's Ubisoft's new approach to try and get new players into the ManiaPlanet ecosystem.


NASCAR Racing League Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TMNRL

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