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NRL Fun Event 2016 18:30 27.03.16

100 000 Planets to win Sunday March, 27 at 18:30.

Server : NRL 2016 Fun Event 2016 . (login:nrl2stadiumre)
Open at 17:30, start at 18:35.
6 SRE Islands tracks in Multilaps, 1 lap of warmup, 10 laps of race.
(Best of Endurance Tracks 2015)
Planets randomly win by P1-P5 or P6-P10 or P11-P15 or P16-P20 ... on each tracks.
No registration, Open for all
Stadium Racing Evolution Title available in the store.
N.R.T. Admins

Chase 2014 explained in details

Hey NRL Drivers!

Like every year we follow the latest Sprint Cup rules as close as possible. We'll also extend to 16 qualifiers.

NASCAR doesn't publish the rule book, in fact I found even last night another minor rule about the livery of cars qualified for the chase which we could follow and would look very nice in Herby's videos, see "Livery" at the end.


What you need to know for racing is written at
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NASCAR_rules_and_regulations#Championship_p... , I'll just add the differeneces with explanation why:

As the NRL is no million dollar business we value "real life first" higher then the NRL. That's the reason why we skip this part of rule which states under "Qualification": "... and attempted to qualify for every race". BTW: In the latest example Tony Stewart NASCAR shows also flexible on this rule if Stewart would win in Richmond.

However - and this is important - the part before "...in the top 30 in points" we keep. This means Spyder's qualification is not yet sure although he has 2 victories!

The other change we introduced already last year - we asked the qualified drivers if they think they are able to participate regularily during the chase. I think 2 drivers told no AND agreed on to give their chase spot to the next in the order. Gentlemen agreement, working between NRL members.

Just to be sure: We ask just at chase start, not again at the following 3 cuts.


What does this mean practical with still one race missing?

Sure qualified are all drivers with one or more victories.
(Position | Name | Points after reset)
1. »฿sяs«Cαcŧillα ӂ - 2030
2. »฿sяs« Delas - 2015
3. アムЏレ ČהK - 2009 (might be 2000, I still don't trust that all drivers inside the top 30 can keep their bonus points!)
4. >>NRT>> Spyder - 2006 same as Paul, additional: his top 30 position is not yet secure, he might still even drop out completely
5. >NRT>>Martelprod (R), »฿sяs«Снїпд, >>NRT>>Suma²²> 2003

As we don't have more than 26 winners, the other spots are given to drivers with most points so far. Sure qualified are already:
8. ๓๑๏ ¬Jamęlgő, »฿sяs«ΠĀгĭΛη, >>NRT>> KUKU Smile and ๓๑๏¬iӄîӃ๏๓๏®เ - 2000

In a good position with another solid result:
๓๑๏ ¬ elba, ๓๑๏¬Shadoώ ツ and ๓๑๏ ¬jjaaperoloco

At the moment would be also qualified:
>>NRT>> Moחkey©H & »ss« זןןצ २, but another new race winner from one of the drivers behind them and in the end in the top 30 would cost one of them their qualification.

[edit:]From вω. ๒є нλρρ¥ ツ« until P32 a victory is the only chance to still change the picture.


During the chase it works also different than the last years. The procedure in short:
- The chase members race together with all NRL members.
- Every three races the field of chase drivers gets reduced by four drivers in the next cut.
- "You win, you're in" (the next round; theoretical you could win the first race and skip 2 races)
- To be confirmed: I believe winners take 3 bonus points into the next round. Informations are not precisely, I think there will be talking about on TV coverage and we'll know it in one or two weeks.
- on the final cut after race 9 the four remaining title contenders sure won't take bonus points into the big final. Who finishs first of these four will be the champion. No counting required.


If anything is not clear please ask now here in the comments, or early during practise on the server, but please not 5 minutes before the races. Wink


Good Luck all Chase participants and good races for all of us. May the best get the champion 2014 !


About Chase Liverey:

See wikipedia and more details on Foxsports including a graphic illustration.

We'll contact the affected car designers on Monday to see if they agree for the extra work.


TM² Stadium Racing Evolution (SRE) is live !

The ManiaPlanet Title SRE is finally #Ready4Racing !

The TM² Stadium look and feel is still there, though the borders (<=> „Rammstein“) are gone. In result racing on SRE feels different, as the usable road got slightly wider. You can go now from wall to wall without getting airborne.

The width from wall to wall is unchanged, also our „blocks“ (correctly: items) can be combined with all Nadeo's blocks.

There are also some additional blocks, like half banked turns and smoother transitions, all in the classical Stadium style.

The title contains also an Island part, large roads, 3 different banked sizes, amazing jumps, etc

In bonus, a big selection of scenery blocks (Buildings, villages, trees , lights, etc)

(click to enlarge)

Give it a try at the NRL Nascar SRE 60k server! More than 300 SRE Stadium tracks are waiting for you
Or try the NRL Island SRE server! More than 150 SRE Island tracks are waiting for you!

And yes, the Nascar Racing League NRL 2020 is also on SRE.

Last not least: Thank You Nadeo for these great possibilities ! It has just begun Cool


SRE support Forum for racers, track builders, server admins and any of your questions,
MP Title install instructions in English, French and German
Latest version of SRE
Direct link to the SRE Stadiun server NRL Nascar SRE 60k
Direct link to the SRE Island server NRL ISLAND SRE

3 more Envimix races to go until the Chase qualification is decided !

Some of you might not be familiar with the Nascar Sprint Cup rules, so what does it mean exactly?

The maximum points still possible to fetch are 3x 48 = 144 points.

The last position to qualify for the chase without victory is P10 (atm Miguel with 700 points) and P20 (atm Brisco 480) with one or more victories. If more drivers between P11 and P20 have victories first the number of victories, 2nd the total points per driver, 3rd the better single results decide.

Already sure qualified are 7 drivers:

Martelprod (1019, 319 points more than P10 + 3 victories) => Points at start of the chase: 2009
China (1003, 303 p.s to P10 + 2 victories) => 2006
Kuku (968, 268 p.s to P10) => 2000
Airton (965, 265 p.s to P10 + 5 victories) => 2015
Suma (958, 258 p.s to P10) => 2000
Some0ne (939, 239 p.s to P10 + 9 victories) => 2027
Senegat2 (907, 207 p.s to P10) => 2000


One driver is in a very comfortable situation:

Razor (821) 23 points missing to secure P10 and keep the 6 bonus points for his 2 victories

From P9 Acilla (707) (+7) over P10 Miguel (700) to P11 LightningNokie (698) (-2) takes place the titanic battle for P9 and P10.

P12 VonTyr (641) (-59), P13 Jamelgo (606) (-94), P14 Hanys (598) (-102), P15 tototto (580) (-120) are also still in the race, but there are some difficult conditions for them:
Theoretically they could get in also still by the points, but that's very unlikely to happen. So "one victory" is their possible ticket into the chase.

P18 - P25 have also still theoretical chances, but it would take them at least 2 victories out of the next 3 races.

Best chances for the 1st wildcard has Shaman (566) (-134 on P10) (+86 on P20) + 2 victories, because it would take 2 double winners between P11 and P20 better placed than him to take him out. As long as he stays in the top 20 which is quite likely.

Shaman would start the chase with 2000 points, as he pays the wildcard with his 2 victories.

In pole position for the 2nd wildcard is Marian (577) (-123 P10) (+103 P20) as he has one victory, BUT it requires him to return to driving.

We will contact all qualified drivers before the chase by email to make clear that non participations should be announced by email to the admins. After 3 not explained non participations the bonus points are lost and P13 (qualification result before the chase) gets the points he would have got on P12.

Good luck to all guys still fighting for the Chase ! May the best get in !

TM² Stadium this week special offer!

Hey TM Nascar Friends,

yesterday a time limited offer was announced on the Maniaplanet blog, this week you can get TM² Stadium for half the price!

We agree that TM² Stadium is not yet perfect, though the graphic engine got quite some improvements and more important the car behaviour significantly improved without loosing the basic characteristics which made it so successful.

Further Nadeo started to open TM² which offers us the opportunity for sensitive adjustments, at least for the Stadium Nascar Racing League 2014.

If you think about driving NRL Stadium in 2014 better get it now, it won't get cheaper. Party

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