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NRT AntiKytherAFRT Random NASCAR Cup starts at 9pm tonight in TMUF on one of their practise servers, all are welcome. server open from 20:30 CET8 hours 16 min ago
NRT AntiKytherAI'll try and be there JC, it's an NRL off-week so it won't clash for once :)2 days 3 hours ago
jcVanDammeHi Guys, love to see more of you at the NRL ROC on this Sunday! NRL are now the only people who host a ROC/100k server now in Trackmania 2 Stadium!2 days 4 hours ago
NRT AntiKytherAgood stuff :)2 days 8 hours ago
NRT RanigI have re-added a bunch of Vamosidkar maps on the NRL HD that were kinda forgotten during the server transition ^^5 days 9 hours ago
NRT AntiKytherAok mate hope to see you later, if not see you in a fortnight ;)6 days 13 hours ago
NRT MinosHey! Not sure being here today... So have fun all !!!6 days 17 hours ago
NRT Ranighave a nice holidays guys ;)1 week 5 days ago
NRT RanigI take the train ^^1 week 5 days ago
NRT MinosVery good atmosphere as always :) And careful Ranig, it's less than 800Km/h on our roads :p1 week 5 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAGreat races everyone!1 week 6 days ago
NRT AntiKytherA@Ranig Bon Voyage and in answer to your question about the road, yes it's from a TMUF mod available on Maniapark1 week 6 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAIndeed, GL everyone, I hope you can race today too bro :)1 week 6 days ago
NRT MartelprodGL for races !1 week 6 days ago
NRT AntiKytherACheers bro :)2 weeks 1 day ago
NRT MartelprodHappy birthday bro; )2 weeks 1 day ago
NRT MinosHappy birthday ;)2 weeks 2 days ago
NRT MinosYes it would be easier to do the lawn mower on the chicane ;)2 weeks 2 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAHappy Birthday Horsti! :D2 weeks 2 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAIn NASCAR half the drivers straight line that at the real watkins glen without any penalty, at least in the game there is one of sorts2 weeks 5 days ago
NRT MinosWho thinks to spend a terrible night to nightmare of this famous chicane? Haha! Very good and funny maps!2 weeks 6 days ago
NRT Martelprodhey vamos , this one :vmsdkr@msn.com3 weeks 4 hours ago
Guest (not verified)hi guys - vamosdikar here. is there any way for an admin to check what emailadress i registered with? trying to recover my account from nadeo but it's hard..3 weeks 6 hours ago
NRT MinosNice endurance all ! And glad to be in this group! Thx! /hf3 weeks 7 hours ago
NRT MartelprodGG Guys !3 weeks 7 hours ago
NRT MinosHaha yes we can saw the jump in the video :D3 weeks 3 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAUnlucky Minos, I saw you grinding the rail4 weeks 6 days ago
NRT MinosFunny races! But played as Tony Hawk on the oval at pit's end!! Good week all ;)4 weeks 6 days ago
NRT RanigNo problem thx mate ;)4 weeks 6 days ago
NRT AntiKytherArecordings of last week added, sorry for the delay5 weeks 5 hours ago

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SRE Update

Finally, the new version of SRE for MP4: 14.6.2017 Size: 196 MB
MP4 update: You can also go directly to your Documents/ManiaPlanet/Packs folder, rename SRE.Title.Pack.Gbx to SRE@tm-nascar.Title.Pack.Gbx, and receive in game the automatic update